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Submission should be made via : ⇒easychair.org
Scope and Topics
  Researchers, educators and practitioners are invited to submit papers and panel proposals that advance concepts, methods, techniques, tools, issues, education, and practice of big data information systems. Topics including, but not limited :

1. Modeling Big Data (TC 8.1)
2. Organizational issues in relation to Big Data (TC 8.2)
3. Decisions and decision support system with Big Data (TC 8.3)
4. Big Data in e-business (TC 8.4)
5. Public sector use of Big Data (TC 8.5)
6. Diffusion and adoption issues and application of Big Data (TC 8.6)
7. Big Data and enterprise systems (TC 8.9)
8. The role of Big Data services (TC 8.10)
9. Security issues in relation to Big Data (TC 8.11)
Session Big Data Information Systems (TC 8 track)
Date / Time 11:00~12:30, October7, 2015 (Wednesday)
Place Room 104 (Room E)
Chair(s) Jan Pries-Heje, Kevin Crowston, Jan Devos, George Kasper & Isabel Ramos
11:00~11:30 Data Movement and IoT: Delivering the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time when Data are Big and Devices are Smart
Francesco D'Andria (Atos Spain SA), AlikiKopaneli (National Technical University of Athens), George Kousiouris (National Technical University of Athens), Daniel Field (Atos Spain SA),David Garcia-Perez (Atos Spain SA), Barbara Pernici (Politecnico di Milano), and Pierluigi Plebani(National Technical University of Athens)
11:30~12:00 Quality Deliberations in Big Data Ecosystems
John Krogstie (Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU)
12:00~12:30 Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics and Management Analytics
LianDuan (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Ye Xiong (New Jersey Institute of Technology) Ling Li (Old Dominion University) &Li Xu (2 Old Dominion University)